Methamphetamine Facts

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Some of the more common names of this disastrous drug are;

    • Ice
    • Meth
    • Speed
    • GG
    • Crank
    • Rocks
    • Chalk

Meth is a synthetic drug that is often referred to as a ‘cheap’ version of cocaine, due to the price differential yet similar high it can produce. There are many immediate effects that present themselves such as accelerated heart rate, excessive talking, temporary exuberance, appetite suppression and jaw grinding. There is also a belief that it can assist with concentration however, research has discounted such a claim as being a myth.Long term use  can lead to heart problems, excess scratching, mental illness, sunken jawline and rotten teeth. below is an image of an individual who has been a long time user.


All the Methamphetamine facts you Need to Know

There are plenty of methamphetamine facts out there that might be wrong. Methamphetamine, meth for short, is a stimulant that directly affects your nervous central system. Its crystal form, that is the crystal meth, is a popular drug that is used mostly for recreational use. TV shows like Breaking Bad has made Methamphetamine rather popular for being one of the most dangerous narcotic in human history. Despite so, Meth was not always used for negative purposes. For the next few minutes, you will learn several Methamphetamine facts that you might not know about all this time.

Interesting History of Meth

One of the most interesting Methamphetamine facts is its history and the development of how it became the current form of drug. Methamphetamine itself was originated from a chemical substance called Ephedrine. Ephedrine was first made in 1887 through plant of shrubs named Ephedra Sinica. This plant is native of eastern Asia and has been used by the Chinese for many years for its medicinal methamphetamine facts. The Meth would then come into existence early in 1919 when it was synthesized through the use of ephedrine and combining it with iodine and red phosphorus. Since then, Meth has been used for various types of purposes whether it is medical or otherwise.

Hitler and Methamphetamine Facts

One of the most amusing Methamphetamine facts is the reality that it was widely used in the World War II, especially in German, for its power enhancing effects. The German based pharmaceutical company called Temmler synthesized a drug called Pervitin which was aimed to prolong wakefulness and enhancing performance. Adolf Hitler was known to administer this drug to his entire soldier in order to make them stay alert and awaked during the war. Its popularity among the German troops at the time was so widespread that they generated various different names for the substance such as Stuka Tablets or Tank Chocolates.

Other Harmful Uses

One of the Methamphetamine facts that not a lot of people understand is the fact that it was not always used abusively. In fact, this drug used to be one of the most important medicinal drugs in various health sectors. For instance, in 1950s the drug was popular among American housewives for its appetite-suppressing effect. Methamphetamine was used mainly by housewives in order to stay skinny.

Another methamphetamine facts that will blow your mind is the fact that it can be used as a diet pill. To treat obesity, meth will be used on a small volume to prevent them from going hungry. Meth is also a useful drug to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD under the name of Desoxyn. That is because meth could boost your focus if it is used on the right dose. Plenty people just could not believe several methamphetamine facts that is positive and medicinal. But in all actuality, Meth could also be used to treat Narcolepsy or hyposomnia. You can even trace a small amount of meth in over the counter decongestant drugs that usually come in the form of vaporizer.

Misuse and Dangerous Side effects

People are mostly aware of the negative Methamphetamine facts and its side effects. Some people will abuse meth by using it excessively as a recreational drug. On a more less dangerous note, meth is sometimes also used by athletes to enhance their performance. Obviously that way of using meth is certainly illegal and dangerous for your body.

Obviously there are plenty of known methamphetamine facts especially on its side effects. But one of the most obvious ones is the one that is called “meth mouth.” Meth mouth refers to the typical oral appearance of someone who is addicted to meth. Meth users tend to have bad rotten teeth and jaw because of meth side effects that makes your mouth and gum dry. One of the oldest methamphetamine facts out there, Meth also induces bruxism or teeth grinding on an intense level that the teeth would deteriorate quickly.

On a more physical level, Meth could result in dry skin and open wound in the skin resulted from the “meth bugs” causing the user to pick or scratch on their skin until bleeding. Excessive meth using could also cause brain damage, organ failure, psychosis, paranoia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and many other mental and physical diseases that ultimately might lead to death. There were some methamphetamine facts that should be informative for all.

There Is Hope

Be sure to not succumb to the addiction of methamphetamine use. Whether its you personally, a friend or a family member, the addiction can be beaten. A successful cost effective program is available and can help you or a loved one quit, without entering into an expensive rehab program and also in an efficient manner. If you wish to learn more please click below or on the right hand side banner